Corporate Overview

Who We Are

Propak Hessian (Private) Limited was established 50 years ago. Our main purpose has always been to provide the best quality tobacco packaging for our clients. Propak employs over 200 employees during the tobacco selling season. Each year we provide over 2 million wraps to the Zimbabwean tobacco industry.


To dominate in enabling movement in Agriculture through the packaging of produce


To provide innovative and modern packaging solutions in Agriculture

Our Core Values

  • Integrity – We uphold the highest standards of excellence
  • Innovation – We challenge the status quo
  • Integration – We work in teams and partner for progress
  • Improvements – we raise the quality bar all the time
  • Intelligence – we value insights and leverage information

Corporate Social Responsibility

Propak Hessian (Private) Limited recognizes the plight of school
children and elders in farming communities and we make
contributions towards aiding them.


We are Zimbabwe’s leading agro-packaging provider! Other than providing premium packaging solutions for the Tobacco industry, our products are applicable across various industries. We have expanded our product offering to include a wide range of agro-packaging solutions.