Continuous Hessian

We provide the best quality hessian in Zimbabwe! Our Hessian is a plain weave made wholly from jute fibre with a single warp and weft which makes it 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Hessian is a very versatile and widely used fabric. Some of its uses include:


Besides Tobacco, our Hessian can be used to package products such as rice, coffee beans and potatoes. The woven nature of the fabric allows the contents to breathe and is therefore ideal for products that are moisture sensitive.

Animal Farming

Hessian works as a useful and durable windshield in Chicken and Crocodile Farming.


Flooding: Hessian Sandbags are the longest known and most reliable method of flood protection.

Acoustic: The thick nature of the fabric helps to absorb noise.


Hessian is used to protect materials from adverse effects from the cold.

The fabric is also an important element in the water curing process


Hessian is commonly used for seed protection, landscaping and weed control.

The fabric is also favourable in frost protection.

The fabric can also be used to make eco-friendly nursery bags which can be filled with plants and vegetables or even scarecrows to protect your harvest.


Household decorations such as chair covers can add a quirky and unique look to any furniture.

The fabric’s durable nature also provides countless textile uses such as carpet and furniture backing.

Hessian Sacks are the ideal accessory to any schools sports day or fun event.