Agricultural Packaging

Grain bags

Our Polypropylene grain bags are a proven better alternative to the older, more conventional/traditional grain storage methods. The air-tight bag allows the grain to be stored for an extended period of time in a dry, controlled environment.

Mesh Sacks

Our Mesh produce bags, and net vegetable bags, are excellent low cost options for storing your harvest. They are safe, durable and reliable for transporting your harvest over long distances.

Our sacks come in a variety of sizes and colours. They are great for storing onions, butternut, potatoes, and other agricultural produce.

Jute Bags

Our Jute Bags are mainly used to pack agricultural products such as Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa, Potato, Onions, Peanuts, Black Pepper, Seeds, Cotton etc. Jute is a versatile textile that is also used to package Poultry and Cattle Feed and also cement and fertilizer.