The versatility of hessian

The versatility of hessian

In Zimbabwe, the use of hessian material is commonly associated with tobacco packaging and one of the important things you want as a farmer is to remain cost effective, making sure that you get more results from your inputs and ultimately gain more profit. You do not want to keep buying packaging every season and in our previous blog this is the reason why we touched on the handling and storage of hessian wraps. In this blog we want to go further and talk about the different uses of hessian. You might be surprised of how much value this material possesses when used for different occasions.

Hessian is a natural fabric made from the Jute plant.  Since time immemorial it has faced competition from man-made fabrics like polyester and nylon, but natural hessian (or Jute) material is still in demand because of its durability, sustainable and environmentally-friendly advantages. Hessian is used for a number of innovative things and you will see why. For the past century, hessian has been used for packaging and today it is Propak’s most recommended material and TIMB approved material used to store tobacco and keep it in its best quality. However, it is does not end there because for a long time hessian has been used to store potatoes, coffee beans and rice which has afforded Propak an opportunity to expand its market and supply to different industries.

Propak Hessian can be used to cater for different uses that continue to surprise our customers. Hessian is good for protecting plants and flowers from frost and cold weather for those into horticulture. Of course, the protection goes further to seed protection, weed control and landscaping. Hessian material is also used in construction and building industries to cover bricks and concrete because it offers protection against frost damage in cold weather. Feel free to contact us so as to get your hessian and start on your projects as we head towards the winter. Our carpenters are not long forgotten, there is something for them as hessian material is well recommended for carpet backing and furniture backing. Avoid using cheap sacks; instead invest in durable backings by using strong material such as Propak Hessian that does not easily wear and tear.

In times of tragedies, Propak’s hessian can be used as sandbags that are able to hold large amounts of water hence preventing damage to properties, even during natural disasters. This material is equally helpful as a back – up plan when there are fire outbreaks in buildings and is commonly used by fire service departments who store large quantities of sand in them. On the contrary, when there is no smell of danger nearby, hessian can be used by children in schools for sack racing because it is user-friendly and not rough on their gentle skin.

Moreover, in this modern day age, hessian remains a sustainable material whose use has evolved with time through innovation and creativity. Hessian is now used for furniture and chair covers, decorations, cushion fillers, gift bags, handbags, as “flower pots” and vegetable bags. It is the realisation of the fact that it is user-friendly and uniquely tailor made for certain services that makes it a choice for a lot of things. Your home should not look ordinary when you can play around with ideas and make your style stand out.

Follow us on our social media platforms and website for more elaboration on the traditional and modern uses of hessian. Propak Hessian supplies vast amounts of the fabric and equips you with some tips on how or what you can use it for. Our offices and social media platforms are open to you for inquiries and information on where you can find the material at very affordable prices. Get your hessian today.

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