How to care for Hessian

Hessian is an eco-friendly and bio-degradable material with a variety of uses it has an interesting history with its existence predominantly dating back as far as more than a century ago. Propak has been manufacturing hessian products mainly for the packaging of tobacco but over the years we have provided hessian used in different setups from construction, poultry, events décor, agricultural packaging and plant nursing. With the growth in more Zimbabweans venturing in tobacco farming the demand for hessian has relatively increased leading to the production of counterfeits of hessian which do not meet the standard recommended hessian by Tobacco Industry Marketing Board TIMB.

However due to the varying usages of hessian it has been observed that farmers are now opting to use hessian for a number of exploits that can circumstantially lead to the reduction of quality of the hessian, ultimately resulting in hastened tearing and loss of its ability to be reused for packaging in the next tobacco season.  Taking good care of your Propak hessian is not only good for maintaining the quality of it but also it saves you big on continuous purchases of the packaging material every season. Additionally as a tobacco farmer it is important that you package your tobacco in quality hessian so as to preserve your yield at its best.

To maintain the Quality of your Hessian observe the following Dos & Don’ts


  • Keep hessian in a well-ventilated room  to allow  free air circulation
  • Recycle damaged hessian can be used for other agricultural purposes such as nursing plants, storing livestock feeds and for making scarecrows
  • In the instance that a farmer is renting hessian from Propak if worn out hessian should be returned and substituted for new ones by Propak


  • Don’t use hessian as floor sitting rugs
  • Don’t expose your hessian too much sunlight
  • Don’t leave hessian on moist surfaces it can lead to the development of moulds
  • Don’t leave chicken moving around on top of your hessian wraps, this will leave them spoiled and the sharp paws pull on the woven fabric
  • Don’t carry heavy items in a Propak hessian

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