5 Interesting DIYs for Hessian, Jute & Twine

  1. Protect your plants from the cold & animals using hessian
    • Measure the area covered by your plants.
    • Use continuous hessian, you can find it at any of our Propak shops around Zimbabwe.
    • Find long and strong sticks to balance the hessian fence. You can use planks or rods in place of sticks.
    • Insert your sticks into the ground on 4 corners.
    • Wrap the hessian right around your plants, using the sticks for a margin.
    • The frame should be large enough in a way that the hessian does not touch the plants.
    • The frame should also be tall enough so that rabbits or goats cannot cross it.
  2.  How to make a dog bed using Jute
    • Reuse your old PROPAK jute fiber or buy an affordable one at PROPAK stores.
    • Sew the sacks together to make a big bag in the shape of a pillow, big enough for the size of your pet.
    • Put some rugs in the Jute bag till it is stuffed and looks comfortable.
    • Remember to wash it from time to time and to keep it clean.
  3. Woven jute laundry basket
    • Get Propak twine that is very strong OR braid some jute strings to make very strong twine.
    • Used an entire roll, if you want a bigger basket, buy two.
    • Cut six – 10″ pieces of jute. Take three and stitch across the ends. Braid them together and then stitch up the other end. Repeat with other three pieces. (These will be the handles).
    • Cut three long pieces of jute, tie them in a loose knot at one end and start braiding them together. (You will have to do the braids in few sections or else they start getting tangled)
    • Start at one end of the braid and form a circle. Start sewing the braids together by using a zig-zag stitch. Continue wrapping the circle and stitching the braids together until the circle is as wide as you want the base of your basket.
    • Once you’ve got the base set, continue stitching around the circle but begin bending this row so that it is standing up once they’ve been stitched together.
    • Continue sewing braids around to make the sides.
    • To finish, gradually start sewing your end down into the inside of the basket so it tapers off. Trim the excess braid off
    • You can add some leather material or strong cloth on the handles to make it nicer, more appealing and comfortable.
  4. How to make your own scented candles using a twine wick
    • For the best wick you need to find cotton twine that you can buy from any of our Propak shops in Zimbabwe
    • You need to decide how thick your wick will be, for a single wick cut the twine to be three times longer than the height of your candle
    • Add salt and boric acid powder to warm water, stir until everything has dissolved, then soak the twine in the solution for at least 8 hours or even up to 24 hours
    • Once you’ve finished soaking the twine hang the twine where it can dry (up to 48hours). Some white crystals can develop on the wick, these can be easily brushed off
    • Add the wax of your choice in a pan over a heating pot and melt your wax whilst stirring gently
    • Carefully soak the twine in the wax for a minute, coating as much of twine as possible, avoid using your fingers as the wax would still be hot (use a tong instead)
    • Remove the wicks from the wax using tongs and let them dry and voilà you have made your own candle wick!
  5. Crafty way to wrap a bouquet of flowers with continuous hessian

Just in case you need to deliver a little get well soon, birthday gift or appreciation present to a special someone, roses and tulips are always the best choices, yes even the ones from your own backyard garden will do just fine. You only need a pair of scissors and our very own jute/continuous hessian found at any of our Propak stores around Zimbabwe. Follow this easy guide.

    • Tie your flowers into a bunch using a rubber band or Propak cotton twine.
    • Lay the bottom half on the bunch on your well cut out jute fabric, its length will depend on the volume of your flowers.
    • Roll it up like a burrito, you’ve got to pretend like it’s your baby for this one.
    • Cut off the excess fabric after one roll and then tie a nice and secure bow around the jute fabric, using twine, a ribbon or cut out jute cloth and there you have your bouquet ready for delivery.

Now that you had fun reading through these easy DIYs, make sure to pay us a visit at our Propak and Agricura stores nations wide. You can get more information about our products on our website and social media pages. Propak your trusted partner in all your packaging solutions!

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