How the tobacco sector performed last season

Tobacco remains as one of the major crops that is still farmed in Zimbabwe. It maintains having many farmers interested in it because it is still one of the biggest contributors of the economy. The industry gets support from the government, the private sector and China. One of the problems faced when tobacco is harvested in large quantities is packaging as there is need for strong and huge bags to accommodate its big elephant-sized leaves. Last season and prior to that, a number of farmers and tobacco based businesses have had their confidence restored from using Propak hessian for packaging.


Tobacco season this year opened on the 7th of April. The highest opening price was US$4.30 per kilogram and it was great because estimated statistics stated that the industry might sell about 200 million kilograms of tobacco this season compared to the 180 million sold last year. On that note, proper and good packaging has proved to be one of the reasons why tobacco is sold off well and in huge quantities, keeping it dry and of good texture. Propak provides the tobacco industry with good and well recommended packaging material, which are good hessian sacks like the one shown in the image.


Of course, the whole tobacco season was taking place during this time of Covid – 19 and vaccination had started, with many farmers being welcoming of the regulations. This gave farmers a precaution and assurance that the pandemic was not their worry as the government had already started dealing with the protection measures against the virus. The worry was getting good packaging material for the tobacco and making sure that the bales were of strong texture and long durability. The tobacco sector makes it a mandate to assort different services for farmers in terms of service providers from various stakeholders who can provide services that farmers might not be able to get for themselves due to reasons around expertise. Propak always comes to the rescue with the best packaging material.

For storage purposes and for the upcoming season, farmers should know better by relying on Propak for tobacco packaging. Our material is made of good hessian pressed down together, so as to make strong bales that last longer. Visit us on and contact us today!

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